Dog walking services in Halifax, West Yorkshire & beyond

wjs1I started my business 7 years ago. I have always loved animals especially dogs. My mum and dad bought our first dog, Anna when I was around 5 years old, she was a Boxer. We had so much fun together and after being told to stay in the kitchen to sleep she was soon at the side of my bed each night.

For my 21st Birthday I got another Boxer called Cleo, she was also a lot of fun and a beautiful girl. I then had a gap without dogs which was awful until my husband bought me Pip for my 40th birthday. Pip is a Jack Russell Terrier and is now 12 years old. Next to come was Meg, another Jack Russell who will be 12 in October, then Roxy a Parson Jack Russell, she has just made up 10. Meg and Pip have had 4 litters together. Pip and Roxy have had 1 litter and she had a litter with another Parson. 6 years ago Gem joined my pack. I kept Gem from my last litter from Pip and Meg because she is the image of her mum – hence the name – Meg backwards!!

8 years ago we moved to live on a smallholding, Gem had a litter 3 years ago and hopefully she will be having another this year.

I now have Sheep, Pigs, Hens, Chicks, Cats, calves and Guinea Fowl. We were given a Border Collie called Kim to work our small flock of Sheep but unfortunately she had to be put to sleep as she had Epilepsy which got worse. I was heartbroken of course, she was only 4 years old and was superb with the sheep. She knew exactly what I was saying to her, even though I didn’t know how to use her to her full potential, she just knew what I wanted her to do.

In 2011 my husband bought me Flo, a puppy Border Collie who is now 2 years old. She is fabulous, full of life and energy and we go Agility Taining every week which she absolutely adores. She comes with me on most of my dog walking business. She loves dogs and people and everyone loves her.

Can you hear the sigh of contentment??????


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