Your local animal transportation service

wjs7This service came next and the idea of doing it came about whilst Microchipping a lady’s 2 dogs. As I was carrying out the Microchipping she was telling me how good a service it was as, if she had taken her dogs to the vets to get them Microchipped she would have had to take ½ day off work – and it would cost more at the vets!!

That night I came up with the idea of transport for all pets, thinking about all the people who can’t get out to take their animal to the vets, don’t drive, are busy working or have been turned down by taxi services.

I now work closely with vet practices in my area aswell as groomers and kennels.

I have taken dogs and owners to caravan parks for their holidays, transported dogs and owners out of the town, on to the hills, for them to walk back home aswell as routine visits to the groomers to have their hair done, to the vets for whatever reason and to the kennels for their holidays. I love to see the relief on the owner’s faces when they know their dogs are going to be looked after on their journey and safely returned to them later.

Why not give me a call and we can discuss your requirements.

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